How Much Can You Earn Before Paying 40% Tax?

Published: 29 June 2015 | Category: Advice News

Depending on what you earn, depends on the rate of tax that you pay. There are currently three rates of tax on wages here in the UK. Here at Turner & Turner Chartered Accountants we’ll go through each of the different tax brackets and at what point you can expect to start paying what.

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National Insurance: What You Should Know

Published: 12 June 2015 | Category:

Just incase you didn’t already know what National Insurance (NI) was, it’s a compulsory payment to be made by an employee(s) and employers to provide the state assistance for other people who are sick, unemployed or retired.

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What is the VAT Registration Threshold?

Published: 5 June 2015 | Category:

Are you new to this whole running a business malarkey? Well, if you’ve any questions about the VAT Registration threshold, or even just VAT, here at Turner & Turner, we strive to help all our clients in every way possible so without further ado, we’ll jump straight into this one.

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