Failure to Comply with Auto-Enrolment Could Cost You

Published: 30 March 2017 | Category: Advice News

Many businesses are falling foul of the new regulations and fines are on the rise. We thought we’d bring you this update, as we are still seeing many companies failing to meet their new compliance obligations.

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An End To Tax Incentives for Diesel Vehicles?

Published: 28 February 2017 | Category: Advice News

According to an article recently published by The Guardian, government ministers are under increasing pressure to end tax incentives for diesel vehicles by changes in the vehicle excise duty.

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Are You Ready for Digital Tax?

Published: 27 February 2017 | Category: Advice News

Back in November last year we first mentioned that the Government is making serious moves towards making tax digital, a change that will affect all businesses, large and small. Explaining all the changes that are due to come over the next few years will hopefully help our readers and clients to keep on top of their tax affairs. For that reason we’ve decided to bring you this update on the latest news regarding the Government initiative.

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Need to make a Time to Pay Arrangement?

Published: 1 February 2017 | Category: Advice Tips

Around this time of year, many business owners struggle with making payments of income tax, corporation tax and VAT all at once.

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Changes to the Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Published: 23 December 2016 | Category: Advice News

The government announced in the Autumn statement that the flat rate VAT scheme is going to change. Some businesses on the scheme will now have to apply a rate of 16.5% rate, ostensibly to crack down on businesses manipulating their VAT payments.

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Auto Enrolment Fines Continue to Rise

Published: 20 December 2016 | Category: Advice News

With many staging dates still to come in 2017, we thought this would be an ideal time to remind our customers of the penalties that can come about as a result of non-compliance to auto enrolment.

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Making Tax Digital

Published: 25 November 2016 | Category: Advice News

The government is planning some serious changes to the way tax reporting and self-assessment in the UK works.

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6 Myths in Property Sales & Capital Allowances

Published: 2 November 2016 | Category: Advice Tips

Capital allowances are not a particularly well-understood part of the property sales process, but they are highly relevant for virtually every business and property investor. In this article, we’ll outline six of the most common myths we’ve seen regarding capital allowances.

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Fee Protection Insurance FAQs

Published: 6 October 2016 | Category: Advice News Tips

Fee protection insurance is a specialist insurance policy provided by your accountant that covers all of our professional fees in the instance that HMRC (H M Revenue & Customs) requests an enquiry of any type against you or your business.

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Reminder for the January Tax deadline

Published: 4 October 2016 | Category: Advice Tips

It may seem like a long way off however, our team are in the process of helping our clients with their Tax Returns for the 2015-2016 tax year, working towards the looming January deadline. Failing to submit your tax return on time can result in large fines from HMRC which is why we always stress the importance of submitting tax returns before the final deadline to our clients.

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