The Latest News on Making Tax Digital

Published: 6 September 2017 | Category:

We’ve been working hard here at Turner & Turner to keep you up to date on the transition to digital tax. Due to recent events the transition has been delayed, so we thought we’d bring you this update and let you know how best you can prepare for the changes still to come.

Will Tax Still Be Going Digital?

Although there’s going to be a delay, we still fully expect that tax will be going all-digital in the near future. The Government has confirmed that VAT Returns will need to be completed online for 2017/18, which can be done here. We expect that other aspects of small business tax will be going online in due course.

What Should I Do To Prepare?

Our advice would be to continue preparing your business for digital tax. Although you won’t be required to submit all your relevant documentation online yet, you’ll still be pleasantly surprised by the cost and time savings offered by moving to an online platform. We’ve helped many clients to make the transition already, to great effect.

How Can Turner & Turner Help?

We offer a wide range of services which can help you to make the transition to digital tax with ease. One way that we can help you is by getting you started with accounting software. We are official Xero partners, meaning we can offer versions of the software that are ideally suited to small businesses and sole traders, which aren’t available from the main Xero site.

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