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There’s no doubt that undertaking the payroll presents serious challenges to businesses of all sizes.  Handling hours worked, national insurance, tax, sickness, maternity and paternity pay to name but a few, can be difficult for even the most experienced businesses!

Take a look at our 21 Step check-list …

  1. Check tax code changes, Student Loan notices
  2. Load up your payroll software and check for any updates and notifications
  3. Check for any minimum wage changes, salary changes or adjustments from last month
  4. Input your new starter details from the relevant forms, check that ID has been copied into the HR system along with the employees’ details
  5. Check HR system for sickness for employees
  6. Input employees overtime hours
  7. Input all the employees’ deductions checking that any from previous months have been taken off
  8. You input the attachment of earnings for an employee for Council Tax
  9. One of your employees has become a father and is taking two weeks of paternity leave, you check HMRC to check what the procedure is and you consult ACAS to check you are processing this correctly
  10. You check the calculation again and continue processing the other employees
  11. You run a draft of the payslips and notice that the Employee who has been issued an attachment of earnings of £1 isn’t showing on the payslip, you contact your payroll software provider and they talk you through how to set this up correctly
  12. You run your pension assessment and there are four employees who need pension letters, your payroll software doesn’t support this so you run the letters from The Pensions Regulators website.
  13. You check your pension website to see if anyone has opted out
  14. You prepare to finalise the payroll
  15. You run draft reports and payslips for a final check over the deductions and payments look reasonable
  16. Print off the payslips and reports
  17. Send your FPS Submission to HMRC for this month
  18. Set up payments to the bank online
  19. Remember you can reclaim the statutory payment of paternity pay, submit an EPS to HMRC for this tax month
  20. Make sure the employment allowance has pulled through on the P32
  21. Set a payment up to HMRC on the 22nd of the following month

If you require any assistance with your company payroll, feel free to give our Payroll Manager, Marie Kilduff a call to see how we could help.